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Sidi Bou Said

venerdì, dicembre 11th, 2009

We arrived in Sidi Bou Said, and what a welcome!
Not only some fantastic coastline but the people are fantastic too- they really could not do enough for us. Thank you Heny, Jacques and Karim.
A few days cruising around this beautiful coastline, with its ancient architecture is a real must for any perspective sailor/adventurer.
Most days out [...]

From Europe to Africa – the first ten days of the Magellano Voyage

venerdì, dicembre 4th, 2009

Finally the weather is looking better and we can set off on the way to Cambrils. There is still some nasty weather ahead according to the forecast but we think that we should be able to avoid this by diverting up into the Gulf of Lyons. Usually you want to avoid this gulf, particularly when [...]

A new day a new horizon

venerdì, dicembre 4th, 2009

After three days in Palma, that old feeling of C’mon lets get going, lets get underway again, which has been felt by every sailor in every port in every country which has a coast was begining to surface, so when we slipped our chains on Wednesday morning and headed out to sea again, that feeling [...]

Palma to Sidi Bou Said

venerdì, dicembre 4th, 2009

Another facet of the magellano in as she handles a following or on the quarter sea pretty well. The same can not be said of my stomach which definitely didnt quite like it until I spent a bit of time with fresh air and the stars!! ~Thankfully the beautiful risotto cooked by Alex for us [...]

Cambrils to Palma

domenica, novembre 29th, 2009

What a great trip! Sun,some traffic and a beautiful purposeful vessel which was just champing at the bit to get where she was going! And steady as a rock given the increasing seas with the approaching weather front. She certainly shows a clean pair of heels keeping a steady 20 knots all the way. This [...]