Magellano performance report

After 2000 miles of cruising the Mediterranean I have fallen in love with the performance of Magellano. Here is a motor yacht that does everything you ask it to do and comes up smiling at the end. Whether it is ploughing into rough seas off the coast of Italy or negotiating the very difficult and narrow marina entrance in Malta, Magellano performed. We have been through rough times and heavy seas as well as beautiful days when the winds were light and the sun was shining and each time Magellano performed her magic.

Posted: dicembre 15th, martedì, 2009 @ 1:11 PM
Categories: Testing the Magellano in Tunisia.
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2 Responses to “Magellano performance report”

  1. Roel Saludsong Says:

    Can it cruise 1,200 nautical miles w/o refilling? Say at 10 knots?

  2. DAG PIKE Says:

    Suggest you ask Azimut about the latest versions

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