Goodbye Magellano

Monday was a strange day of packing, trying to tidy the boat up and feeling strangely lost. We were given a fantastic welcome by the ever effervescent Enzo who in leaving us with instructions to say “Vaaaa bene” at least once a day has indeed been with us in mind all throught the trip. Loved the picture of newborn yet to arrive with the oh so proud papa already. I look forward to picutre when it arrives.
Marco Tomei – gentle dependable Marco who seemed to know the entire population of the mediteranean and smoothed our way. Of course his very funny sense of humour was just priceless. A friend indeed.
Manfredo – you are an amazing photographer and it was a real privilege to watch you at work. Fascinating and wow, those photos certainly captured the dream. And not a bad cook, Spaghetti of legends . I loved the fact that you talked to me in Italian forgetting that your english was far better than my italian is ever likely to be. It was improving!! We missed you on that last leg back up from Malta. Keep in touch
Alex – What do I say? Driven, professional, mad but fantastic. ITs been a blast mate and do it again any day!!
Captain Dag – Thankyou for letting me be party to this project and all that it entailed. Have enjoyed our conversations immensely. Catch up in the New Year.
And the list goes on.
But in all this I would like to say a big thankyou to Kath Pike Lou Pino, ‘bella and Graham Tyson because without all of you being who you are and letting all of us loose on the high seas together as a team , (it did work,) then the Magellano magic might never have been. At least not the kind of magic that makes things memorable. Thanks guys
Home beckons and there is sense of getting your feet back on the ground again with all the normalities of life already filtering in. I have enjoyed this but am glad to be back with my gorgeous boys albeit a little sad. Its way too quiet sitting here typing this on my computer. There is no heartbeat of the Magellano to sing me to sleep!! Getting all mushy, must be the time of night. Time to sign off.

Arrivaderchi Magellano

Posted: dicembre 16th, mercoledì, 2009 @ 1:01 AM
Categories: Coming back to Viareggio.
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