Magellano is a story rich in protagonists, as many as the innumerable facets of the new way of living the sea.
It’s a yacht, the flagship of a new Azimut range.
It’s a navigational feat, the most severe ever embarked upon in today’s yachting.
It’s a fascinating undertaking for Dag Pike, one of the most accomplished yachtsmen in the World.
It’s a unique experience for a distinct group of sea lovers: a noted fashion mogol, a racing driver, the ex-chief minister of an Island in between France and the United Kingdom joined by his companion in life and travel.
Magellano is a story of passion for the sea.

The nautical test

A Voyage of over 4.000 nautical miles.

The yacht departed on the 22nd November.

With the Ligurian coast to its heels, she will cross the Mediterranean to explore it’s winter’s facet. During this long distance cruise the Magellano will reach the Cote d’Azur, the Costa Brava, the Balearics and the south of Sardinia. And than, will travel two hundred nautical miles south but more significantly it will cross to the continent of Africa and its bespoke spirit of the wild.
Tunis will be its port of call. Departing again from the north african coast and on to the jewel of the Med – the Maltese Islands and the close of this epic voyage with its highly anticipated return to Italy.