A new day a new horizon

After three days in Palma, that old feeling of C’mon lets get going, lets get underway again, which has been felt by every sailor in every port in every country which has a coast was begining to surface, so when we slipped our chains on Wednesday morning and headed out to sea again, that feeling of immense freedom washed over not just me, but all of us.
As night time closed in we were treated to something that in all my life at sea I have never seen before…. moon rise and sunset similtainiously- breath-taking.
Another night on watch, just Magellano and me under the “BIG SKY” and all is well in Alex Land.
Tunis and Africa loomed over the horizon, Africa is not new to me, but Tunisia is, so once again- let the discovery comence….


Posted: dicembre 4th, venerdì, 2009 @ 9:41 AM
Categories: From Europe to Africa.
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