Palma to Sidi Bou Said

Another facet of the magellano in as she handles a following or on the quarter sea pretty well. The same can not be said of my stomach which definitely didnt quite like it until I spent a bit of time with fresh air and the stars!! ~Thankfully the beautiful risotto cooked by Alex for us all did not part company with me. So having braved a brief glitch the rest of the trip was very easy . We have been treated to beautiful sunrises, spectaular clouds, the precursor to less than friendly weather and amazing moon rises . And of course the stars. I have been loving the freedom of the horizon and dare I say it the incommunicado with everyday stuff. Even modern technology with all its cleverness cant always reach a boat! And here we are now in North Africa giving the lady a well deserved clean in the warm sun and fresh winds. Breakfast of fresh croissant brought by one of our new friends, Jacque, hot coffee…this is the way to start a day. This is living! Am going to enjoy the sun and look forward to the next port which looks to be Malta. Reality is certainly gonna hit when I get home so gonna make the most of this experience.!!

Posted: dicembre 4th, venerdì, 2009 @ 9:27 AM
Categories: From Europe to Africa.
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