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Goodbye Magellano

mercoledì, dicembre 16th, 2009

Monday was a strange day of packing, trying to tidy the boat up and feeling strangely lost. We were given a fantastic welcome by the ever effervescent Enzo who in leaving us with instructions to say “Vaaaa bene” at least once a day has indeed been with us in mind all throught the trip. Loved [...]

Arrival Viareggio

mercoledì, dicembre 16th, 2009

We came back to the home port with barely a whisper and no fanfare which somehow this boat deserves. 0300 is an hour and a half to be getting into a not so easy berth having had an interesting trip up. This boat has great heart and great fortitude and If Azimut listen up [...]

And so we reach the end……..

lunedì, dicembre 14th, 2009

We arrived in viareggio at 0300hrs this morning after what felt like going thruogh the washing machine, I have never seen so much spray! I had the wipers on full and still they would not clear the water, it was just solid. then the Stb wiper seized and the port one failed…great! out on deck [...]

Not so Sunny Rome or Sunday

domenica, dicembre 13th, 2009

Its been colder here than anywhere else this trip. True we are that little further north than we have been but no more bare feet and shorts!! Its definitely acclimatization time. We have at least figured out the heating so we can keep cosy whilst we have been sitting alongside. The on/off rain and thunderstorms [...]

When in Rome…

domenica, dicembre 13th, 2009

What a strange day……
Up at dawn to ensure the boat was ready for the visitors and guests. Although a lot of- in fact most of the cleaning was done by the shore staff, there was still the task of “Missoni-ising the boat”.
8 hours later, we are still to see a single person, maybe its the [...]