Cambrils to Palma

What a great trip! Sun,some traffic and a beautiful purposeful vessel which was just champing at the bit to get where she was going! And steady as a rock given the increasing seas with the approaching weather front. She certainly shows a clean pair of heels keeping a steady 20 knots all the way. This gave us the luxury to explore the spectactular coastline of the island of Dragonera before a brisk clip into Palma. This is a boat that you grow to love in a number of ways. I never thought that I would get obssesive about cleaning but you just want her to look her best where ever she is. Even the guys are at it!! Dont tell their other halves!
Palma gave us a warm welcome in the form of a lovely restaurant on the Passeo and today the sun! It has been 18C here today but I am acclimatized! I was walking around in jeans, a Missoni scarf and a coat. If it had been the UK it would have been Tshirt and shorts.
Currently sitting in the airy but cosy saloon listening and watching the deluge of rain with the guys enjoying the ambience that comes with a yacht of this luxury and class.

Posted: novembre 29th, domenica, 2009 @ 7:13 PM
Categories: From Europe to Africa.
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