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Setting out with Magellano

mercoledì, novembre 25th, 2009

Setting out on a voyage with any new yacht is always an interesting experience. There is so much to learn about the systems and the way the yacht performs. Past experience with other yachts can shorten the learning process a great deal but with Magellano we were having to learn how this new hull design [...]

Trasferimento a Cannes

martedì, novembre 24th, 2009

Ieri tappa di trasferimento a Cannes.
Si fa presto a dire “Andar per mare”…ma quando il vento soffia e le onde si rompono sulla prua del Magellano
l’avventura incomincia. La Barca non si muove nonostante i 20 nodi di vento e fila dritta fra le onde.
Domani partiamo per Cambrill.
24 h: di navigazione.
Alla prossima.

Eagle has landed!!

venerdì, novembre 20th, 2009

Well, we arrived and Alex managed admirabley NOT to scream the plane down. In fact given that there was a fear of flying I thought that my leg would be crushed but not a bit of it. Total pro.
And off we went to the hotel to drop stuff. the taxi driver defintiely didnt believe me [...]

Arrived in Varazze; First sight of Magellano!

venerdì, novembre 20th, 2009

Jessica and I arrived in Varraze today after flying in from the UK.
We found our way to the Marina Di Varazze and hunted down Magellano.
We found her easily and my First impressions were WOW! This IS different!!
For some reason she feels a bigger boat than I expected, and certainly looks very capable. Her presence is [...]