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Magellano performance report

martedì, dicembre 15th, 2009

After 2000 miles of cruising the Mediterranean I have fallen in love with the performance of Magellano. Here is a motor yacht that does everything you ask it to do and comes up smiling at the end. Whether it is ploughing into rough seas off the coast of Italy or negotiating the very difficult and [...]

In Sidi Bou Said with the special testers of the Magellano 74, Vittorio Missoni, Harald Frentzen, Frank and Fiona Walker

venerdì, dicembre 11th, 2009

The forecast storm is at its maximum with winds of force 8 or more here in Sidi Bin Said. Waves are breaking over the marina breakwater and there is a lot of movement inside the marina itself. We did not have the most comfortable night with water slamming under the chines and to add to [...]

From Europe to Africa – the first ten days of the Magellano Voyage

venerdì, dicembre 4th, 2009

Finally the weather is looking better and we can set off on the way to Cambrils. There is still some nasty weather ahead according to the forecast but we think that we should be able to avoid this by diverting up into the Gulf of Lyons. Usually you want to avoid this gulf, particularly when [...]

Setting out with Magellano

mercoledì, novembre 25th, 2009

Setting out on a voyage with any new yacht is always an interesting experience. There is so much to learn about the systems and the way the yacht performs. Past experience with other yachts can shorten the learning process a great deal but with Magellano we were having to learn how this new hull design [...]


giovedì, novembre 19th, 2009

As the time gets near for departure you think of all the thousand and one things that still have to be done. Normally when you set out on a cruise it is with a yacht that has already been fitted out and has everything on board required for comfortable cruising. With a brand new yacht [...]