Eagle has landed!!

Well, we arrived and Alex managed admirabley NOT to scream the plane down. In fact given that there was a fear of flying I thought that my leg would be crushed but not a bit of it. Total pro.
And off we went to the hotel to drop stuff. the taxi driver defintiely didnt believe me when I told him that it was close to the marina and had to stop at least twice to ask!! Couldnt really miss the marina and nestled away was THE YACHT! Luxury and class. And so much space and air. That was on the inside. Wow! Great vision and boy am I gonna enjoy finding out how this baby works. I like! Lots of lovely gadgets and mod cons. Its gonna be fun. Met Marco and Enzo who were friendly and before we could draw breath we were hard at it swabbing decks getting it ship shape and bristol fashion. Cant wait to take her to sea and try her paces.

Posted: novembre 20th, venerdì, 2009 @ 7:13 PM
Categories: We are leaving Marina di Varazze.
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