Arrived in Varazze; First sight of Magellano!

Jessica and I arrived in Varraze today after flying in from the UK.
We found our way to the Marina Di Varazze and hunted down Magellano.
We found her easily and my First impressions were WOW! This IS different!!
For some reason she feels a bigger boat than I expected, and certainly looks very capable. Her presence is undoubtedly increased by her striking looks and lines.

My first hours were spent crawling over the twin CAT diesels running diagnostics with the CAT engineer and getting to know my way around the engine room- something I feel may take longer than 2 hours!
The engines are fairly compact units, which at idle produce a very reasonable level of noise and were very smooth. The engine control panels were very user freindly and give you all of you basic operating data at a glance and a push of a button.
My first impression of the engine room is that of a very well thought out and laid out space.
The rest of the day we have spent preparing Magellano for her big day tomorrow.

I Can not wait!!
Ciao…… Alex

Posted: novembre 20th, venerdì, 2009 @ 6:59 PM
Categories: We are leaving Marina di Varazze.
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2 Responses to “Arrived in Varazze; First sight of Magellano!”

  1. Jeff Wiltshire Says:

    Nice to see a Stoker back in his enviroment ;) Shame there is no weapon fit or I would have come with you!

    Enjoy the trip Alex :) The boat looks lovely.

  2. Dag Pike Says:

    Hey Jiffers!!

    Thanks for the comments, a nice 4.5 would have been handy a couple of times!
    The twin CAT C18’s are a dream and its very like being home again, once again carpet slippers in the engine room!

    Hope to catch up with you again soon, keep a watch on here to see what we have been up to.

    weather bpound in Palma now, but NPOC tunis.



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