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Sidi Bou Said

venerdì, dicembre 11th, 2009

We arrived in Sidi Bou Said, and what a welcome!
Not only some fantastic coastline but the people are fantastic too- they really could not do enough for us. Thank you Heny, Jacques and Karim.
A few days cruising around this beautiful coastline, with its ancient architecture is a real must for any perspective sailor/adventurer.
Most days out [...]

A new day a new horizon

venerdì, dicembre 4th, 2009

After three days in Palma, that old feeling of C’mon lets get going, lets get underway again, which has been felt by every sailor in every port in every country which has a coast was begining to surface, so when we slipped our chains on Wednesday morning and headed out to sea again, that feeling [...]

From Cambrils to Palma, passing Dragonera…..

domenica, novembre 29th, 2009

I am finding it hard to believe that we are fast approaching December, the Italians and the Spanish all think Jess and I are crazy ape bonkers for walking round in T-shirts and shorts, but Its 22 degrees- better than our summer!!
Cambrils is a great place that really comes alive after dark, fantastic restaurants serving [...]

Arrived in Varazze; First sight of Magellano!

venerdì, novembre 20th, 2009

Jessica and I arrived in Varraze today after flying in from the UK.
We found our way to the Marina Di Varazze and hunted down Magellano.
We found her easily and my First impressions were WOW! This IS different!!
For some reason she feels a bigger boat than I expected, and certainly looks very capable. Her presence is [...]


giovedì, novembre 19th, 2009

Well, after many months of arduous planning, Dag and the team from
Azimut have got this fantastic odyssey under way!
The apprehension and fear that this may not come off was for me very
worrying, a project of this magnatude is something that I have wanted
to be involved with for a very long time, not to mention the [...]