Not so Sunny Rome or Sunday

Its been colder here than anywhere else this trip. True we are that little further north than we have been but no more bare feet and shorts!! Its definitely acclimatization time. We have at least figured out the heating so we can keep cosy whilst we have been sitting alongside. The on/off rain and thunderstorms for most of the day have made it a grey and drab day. We were all ready to give the day a little perzazz and give a little of the Magellano magic to all the expected clients to be totally underwhelmed by anybody. Its been a dispirited affair. I felt really sorry for all the staff ashore who have been out in the very brisk conditions all day, produced some beautiful eats and plenty of hot coffee and tea available. The only appreciation for all this effort has mostly been us. There has been the odd one or two but more it would appear more out of idle curiositiy rather than any real interest in the boat. Its been a real shame and in many ways i feel a bit cheated. This was kinda the last little fling before we are off again chasing the weather window to reach Viarragio before the gales seriously set in. Its been quite a let down and now you can feel all of us, including the boat, mentally gearing up for going home and all that it entails. This should have been our swan song and go out with a bit of a bang instead of which its been a bit of a damp squib. What a pity and what a pity that Rome did not live up to its lively potential.
We are, as I write, just sorting the boat out for sea ready for the off. Last leg and homeward bound.

Posted: dicembre 13th, domenica, 2009 @ 3:52 PM
Categories: Coming back to Viareggio.
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