Having never been to this special island and having heard so much about it, I was looking to this port of call. And it did not disappoint in any way. The spectacular scenery as we came down the coast, the tight but cosy and very impressive Portomaso marina and of course Grand Harbour. Its simpley breathtaking and you just continue to be amazed once you start delving into the very colourful history of this island. We were treated to the warmest of welcomes and looked after so beautifully that it makes it a destination of the future. Thankyou especially to Nicky, Anton, Anne Marie, all the guys at boatcare and just everyone. You made it a memorable few days. We did have our work cut out with quite exciting entrys and exits with the weather being not as smooth as might have been liked but the Magellano handled it with great aplomb. When you are tearing along in a force 5 and rough seas its a buzz when the boat you are on really shows her paces and style. It was fun. And being so ideally placed at Portomaso we only had to fall ashore for a wide selection of dining choices ranging from a steak house to a sushi bar, chinese, pizzeria or the Hilton which towered above us.. The full breakfast there when we first arrived having had a fresh night at sea was a really good way to start the stay in Malta, although felt slightly incongrious in our shorts and t shirt compared to the business suits and smart attire surrounding us!! But we are the Magellano so it mattered not. So off we have bolted chasing the weather window for the run up to Rome. Early start so a sunrise to look forward and some familiar places on the way up to spot. Roma here we come.

Posted: dicembre 12th, sabato, 2009 @ 4:00 PM
Categories: Coming back to Viareggio.
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