Arrival Roma

Its late afternoon sun and we are havign the luxury of not having to clean the boat. I have never done so much cleaning in such a short space of time. This is a good thing as the run up was a bit bumpy to say the least. We winged through the Messina Straits with Etna looking lovely in the evening sun and then the fun of the lumpy sea began. it was made a bit more interesting by a bit of traffic around , cruise ships, cable laying ships, cargo boats. Sounding geeky but it makes the time pass on watch. Acutally the stars on this trip have been spectacular and so very very clear. Stromboli apparently also performed for us but I missed that having deceided that sleep was a more favourable option at that point. But I was not left out with the most beautiful sunrise as we approached Capri. We had a friendly ferry who is obviously not used to having to alter course. Couldnt deceide if they just wanted a closer look or just thought cos they were bigger we should move out the way despite being the stand on vessel. Either way we sped on our way to watch said ferry pass astern and then slow dramatically. Well who wouldnt want to have a closer look. The Magellano is striking to look at when in full flight. And then a glimpse of Sorrento and Mount Vesuvius to starboard. There was however nature’s own spectacle which rivaled that in the form of the most spectacular thunderhead over one of the islands and as we went through the Canal di Pesora it produced about 3 or 4 water spouts dipping down from the clouds. This is what cruising is about because even with the weather being a little fresher but sunny you will always be given these little gems!! Bacon butties and tea for breakfast set us all up for the day which has been distinctly brisk but beautifully sunny all the way up to Porto Romano. We are now sitting along side refuelling before we move to tie up for the night. Its turning into a lovely winter evening so looking forward to a hot shower and a good meal before a good night sleep. The excitment starts again tomorrow with more clients. The Magellano continues to impress in all weathers and despite some issues arising she is a boat of class and immense potential. Time is beginning to run out for this adventure and so there is certain sense of impending loss with the imminient departure in a few days. But excitment at going home, seeing family and relaxing. Gonna make the most of it.

Posted: dicembre 12th, sabato, 2009 @ 4:21 PM
Categories: Coming back to Viareggio.
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